Positioning of objects on the public road

Requesting permission or making a notification for the positioning of an object on the public road.


A site office or large container could come in quite handy in the event of a renovation. But it is not always allowed to position a large object, or have this positioned, by the side of the road or on the pavement. After all, it could be a nuisance to other people. That is why you will usually need consent from the local authorities to place the obstacle.

Some examples of obstacles:

  • container
  • scaffold
  • cherry picker
  • (site)hut
  • crane
  • removal lift
  • The size of the object that you wish to position
  • The location where you wish to position the object
  • The term during which you want to position the object

The form contains a check list.

 You will know instantly whether you are eligible for an exemption or that you will need to notify.


The permit/permission can be requested via the application form. The application involves fees. Fees are the amounts charged by the local authorities for processing your application.

You can find these amounts here (in Dutch). Download the PDF. 

Time span

The municipality will make a decision within 8 weeks after receiving your application. This term can be extended once by the municipality.

Object and appeal

You can object to the decision on your application. Do this within 6 weeks. If you still disagree with the judgement on the objection afterwards, lodge an appeal with the Court.