On Wednesday November 22nd 2023 elections for the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) will be held.


Everyone eligible to vote will receive a voting pass. You will get 1 voting pass for this election.

Who can vote

Anyone resident in the Netherlands can vote in the water authority elections. You need to hold Dutch citizenship to vote in the provincial council elections. 

What you need

  • When you vote, you must bring your voting pass and identity document.
  • An expired identity document will be accepted, but it must not be expired by more than 5 years.
  • Valid identity documents are a Dutch passport, identity card, driving licence or residence permit. You can also use an identity document (passport, identity card or driving licence) from another EU country or from Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland (excluding driving licences) or Iceland.

Polling stations

  • Gemeentehuis, D.J. den Hartoglaan 1
  • Gemeentehuis trouwzaal, D.J. den Hartoglaan 1
  • Zorgcentrum de Diem, Arent Krijtsstraat 48 
  • Wijkcentrum De Schakel, Burgemeester Bickerstraat 46 a 
  • Keet Buitenlust(NS station Diemen), Ter hoogte van Buitenlust 134
  • Sporthallen Diemen, Prins Bernhardlaan 2 
  • Brede School Noorderbreedte, Vogelweg 4  
  • Wijkcentrum Noord, zaal 1, Gruttoplein 2 
  • Wijkcentrum Noord, zaal 2, Gruttoplein 2
  • Zorgcentrum Berkenstede, Berkenplein 300
  • Sportcentrum Duran, zaal 1, Ouderkerkerlaan 10 
  • Lounge & Garden (Campus Diemen), Dalsteindreef 3042
  • Keet Biesbosch, Ter hoogte van Griend 46 TRAF
  • Korfbalvereniging DKV, Sportlaan 13 A 
  • Zorginstituut Nederland, Willem Dudokhof 1  
  • Huis van de Buurt ’t Kruidvat Ouderkerkerlaan 30


If you would like to know more about the elections you can read additional information on the Kiesraad website. You can find the page here.


Would you like to know more about the elections? Please call 0031 20 31 44 888 or send an email to verkiezingen@diemen.nl