General privacy statement

Information security

The municipalities in the Netherlands are obliged, by way of a covenant, to adhere to a minimal level of information security. These regulations were established in the Baseline Information-security Government (BIO) (Dutch only). 

Data protection

General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) dictates what can and cannot be done with personal data, as well as privacy rights as organisations process the details. The Data Protection Authority (AP) ensures that the laws are complied with.

Organisations or companies that pass on personal data to us, are obliged, by way of the GDPR, to inform their employees of this. You, as an organisation or company, can present this statement to your employees.

Register of processing

As a municipality we must process personal data. In our processing register you can find which details are being processed during procedures. The processing register can be obtained from our details protection official:

Digital privacy

The municipality ensures that your data is properly secured and values the protection of your privacy, regarding the use of the digital counter. Safe transactions are given specific attention in this regard.

Information about visits to the digital counter are used only as a support for technical decisions and statistical processing. These will never be used to identify individuals. Applications or requests via a digital form will be used only for the processing thereof.

This implies that it should be clear which data of him/her/them have been documented and whom this data is exchanged with. The client will be explained that data is being shared, with whom and why.


Confidential information via email is guaranteed to be sent securely, with ZIVVER. Messages can be read only by the sender and the receiver and are protected against hackers.


The Town Council is responsible for the accurate processing of personal details. In addition, the Head of Department is responsible for proper handling of personal details within his department. Please contact us if you want to get in touch with the Council or the relevant departments.

Should you have specific questions about a case or dossier, you can contact your contact person. If you don't know who that is, or you don't want to contact this person, or you do not have a contact person, you can contact the privacy law official via


All our employees have taken an oath of public office or a pledge of office and are obliged to confidentiality. This means that we carefully handle the data you entrust us with. Only authorised staff can process your data.

Sharing with others

The municipality will provide your data only to other organisations in case of a legal obligation to do so. We will enter into an agreement with organisations that require your data by order of us, to ensure a similar degree of security and confidence. The municipality remains responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Fraud and misappropriation

The municipality may pass on your personal data, recording of (telephone) conversations or IP addresses to the police and the justice department. But also to employees who are responsible for the safety and maintenance of company regulations. The municipality is also entitled to forward information in the event of criminal offenses, such as threatening an employee.

Visit website

Via cookies, the municipality will document the visiting behaviour to our website, the page, search term or browser you make use of. We do not collect personal data via cookies.

This data is stored and processed externally. It is used for statistical analyses of visiting behaviour. Using this information we can improve and optimise the layout of our website and make it more user-friendly.

The municipality makes use of both session and permanent cookies. In addition, cookies are required to be able to perform transactions with the municipality. This is not possible without cookies.

Access to own personal details​​​

You have a statutory right to inspect your own data, or the data of minors below the age of 16 years old, that you are the legal representative of. The Council verifies who the legal representative is, by making use of the personal records database. Via DigiD link below you can submit a request to your local authorities.

For this right of inspection, a legal minimum age of 16 years old applies.

Request AVG rights of those involved 

Correction of data

If your data is incorrect, you can contact the local authorities to have it adjusted. This is what we refer to as the “right of correction”.

Removing data

You are legally entitled to request the removal of data, although this is not always possible. It is not possible to have your data removed from the personal records database. The municipality is bound to legal retention periods. If there is no legal necessity for the retention of your data, it can be removed. For instance, the destruction of your data after a job interview.


If you have an objection against processing of your data or against a way of processing, you can contact the local authorities.

For requests regarding your rights, or those of your minor children, we ask you to log in by use of your DigiD. This way, we can establish that the correct person is making the request.

Request AVG rights of those involved 

Data leaks

Despite our efforts, incidents unfortunately do occur. For instance, incorrect addresses in an email or letter, a website that contains too much information or a file that is lost.

In these instances, a data leak may be in place. Should you suspect this, inform the local authorities immediately.

We can, as such, take measures at once to prevent things from getting worse. If your data is involved in a data leak, you will instantly be notified by the municipality.


Do you have a complaint? Or do you wish to be informed about the way in which we handle your personal data? Please contact us.