Apply for a passport or identity card

Apply for a passport or identity card at the municipality where you reside. You must personally come to the appointment. Minor children must also join during application and collection. See further explanation under the header Approach. You can collect the travel document after 5 working days.


A passport or identity card is used to show who you are. A passport or identity card is also a travel document, allowing you to travel to other countries. With an identity card, you can visit most European countries. With a passport, you can visit any country. For some countries, you will also require a visa. More information about travelling to other countries can be found on (Dutch only).

With your new identity card you can log in at the government, education bodies, care bodies or your pension fund.

Children need their own passport or identity card to travel abroad. In the Netherlands, children from the age of 14 years old must be able to identify themselves.

Are you 18 years old or older? Then your passport or identity card will be valid for 10 years. For everyone below the age of 18 years old, a passport or identity card is valid for 5 years.


Everyone with the Dutch nationality can apply for a Dutch passport and a Dutch identity card.


The fees for a Dutch passport are:

  • For persons up to the age of 18 years old: € 57.30
  • For persons of 18 years old and older: € 75.80

The fees for a Dutch identity card are:

  • For persons up to the age of 18 years old: € 36.95
  • For persons of 18 years old and older: € 68.50

Do you wish to apply for a passport or identity card urgently? Then you will pay € 51.60 extra.


Applying for a travel document can only be done by appointment. You can make an appointment here.

Time span

You can collect your passport or identity card at the local authorities after 5 working days.

Is 5 working days too long for you? Then apply for a travel document via the urgency procedure.

If you request the travel document before 3.00 pm, it will be ready after 2 working days at the latest. You will be paying a surcharge.

Is your travel document missing? Then an urgency procedure is not always possible. Inquire about this at the local authorities.

Do you need the travel document even more quickly? Perhaps you are entitled to get an emergency passport of the Koninklijke (Royal) Marechaussee. More information about the emergency passport can be found on


For the application of a passport, you must bring:

  • All travel documents in your possession (passports as well as identity cards). Expired travel documents must be brought as well. Do you have a double nationality? Then bring your foreign travel document as well.
  • 1 well resembling passport photo (on colour, six months old at most). See passport photo (Dutch only) for more information.
  • Written consent from the curator, if you have been placed under curatorship.
  • Sufficient money. You must pay for your passport upon application. You can pay in cash or by debit card.

For children below the age of 18 years old:

One parent/guardian will accompany, bringing a valid proof of identity. The parent/guardian who does not come along, fills in a digital statement of consent (Dutch only). For this form you will need your DigiD. Fill in the form before applying for a passport or ID-card. Your consent will remain valid for a maximum of two months. Afterwards it will be destroyed.

You can also fill in a written statement of consent that the other parent brings to the town hall.

The municipality will make a scan of your fingerprint, during your application.

Do you want to apply for a new travel document, in response to identity fraud?

  • Go to the police to file a report of identity fraud.
  • Have the police draw up a police report.
  • Go to the local authorities to apply for a new proof of identity, due to loss or theft. Bring the police report.
  • The municipality will note the number of your old proof of identity in the records database of travel documents.