Exchanging a foreign driving licence

Have you emigrated to the Netherlands and do you have a foreign driving licence? You may be required to exchange your driving licence. 

Are you from the EU, EER or Switzerland? 

Was your driving licence was issued to you in a country in the European Union, European Entrepreneurial Region, or Switzerland? Then you can drive with your licence in the Netherlands for as long as it is valid. Even when you start living here.

Are you from outside the EU, EER or Switzerland?

You are allowed to drive for 185 days in the Netherlands with the foreign driving licence. After that period, you must exchange the driving licence via your municipality.

How do I exchange my foreign driving licence?

Please find all information here. This link explains everything you need to know. If you have further questions, please contact the city hall by phone: 0031 20 31 44 888 or email: info@diemen.nl.