Receiving visitors from abroad

You can act as financial guarantor for someone visiting the Netherlands for a maximum of 90 days.

A guarantee is needed if your visitor has insufficient income. Does your guest have enough money of their own during the stay? Then a guarantee is not needed. You will then only apply for private accommodation.

Steps for a guarantee and accommodation provision

  1. Bring a completed application form that you have not yet signed. Download the form here.
  2. Signing the form is done at the municipality, for which you can make an appointment. Make an appointment here.
  3. Sign the form in the presence of the employee. Bring a valid proof of identity (such as a passport, identity card or driving licence) and your debit card (or cash). The signing costs €11.05. If you have a partner, both of you should come.
  4. Send the form to your visitor to apply for the visa.


The conditions for applying for a guarantee and private accommodation include:

  • Your visitor is coming to the Netherlands for a short stay (no longer than 3 months).
  • Your visitor must apply for a visa.

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