On this page you can find information about applying for a parking exemption or permit. From December 1, 2022 exemption is only valid in your own neighbourhood. 

  • Residents of the blue zone and permit area can apply for an exemption or permit via the web shop (Dutch only). 
  • Residents in the blue zone/permit area holding a disabled parking card, do not need to apply for an exemption/permit.
  • The registration number of the vehicle is in your name.
  • You are registered at the address.
  • In case of a lease vehicle, a letter of intent by the employer must be included.
  • It must be possible for the vehicle to park within the lines of the parking bay.
  • In case of parking on the own premises, you can only apply for a permit/exemption for a second and subsequent vehicle.
Residents of Sniepkwartier and Punt Sniep

In the vicinity of Sniepkwartier and Punt Sniep, different parking zones are applicable. At Punt Sniep, paid parking applies from Monday up to and including Saturday from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm. The first 2 hours, parking is free of charge, but you must register at the ticket machine, or via mobile parking.

Sniepkwartier is situated in the blue zone. The blue zone applies from Monday up to and including Saturday, from 9.00 am until 9.00 pm. In the blue zone, parking is allowed for two hours at most, using the parking disc. Residents of Sniepkwartier or Punt Sniep are not entitled to an exemption to park on the street. As a resident, you require an indoor parking facility of the complex, that is or is not available with the apartment. A resident of Sniepkwartier or Punt Sniep does have the opportunity to have their visitors park on the street, by means of a visitor regulation. The visitor regulation can be requested here (Dutch only).

Residents of Holland Park

In the area of Holland Park the blue zone applies. This means that you can park for a maximum of two hours, using the parking disc. If you live in Holland Park, the principle is that you have an indoor parking space, that can be bought. This implies that you cannot apply for an exemption at the local authorities.

  • Companies can apply for a permit or exemption. Companies will be assigned a location, where parking is allowed.
  • You can collect the form at the counter of the town hall or you send an email to
  • The company must be established at an address within the parking zone.
  • You can apply for two exemptions/permits maximally. If you would like more, you must indicate the number of staff.
  • A recent extract from the CoC (Kamer van Koophandel) (not older than three months) stating that your company is based at the address in Diemen.
  • A declaration of parking on the own premises, where applicable.
  • The car must be able to park inside the lines of the parking bay.
  • Residents: € 96 for two years (end date 30 November of even years).
  • Companies € 96 for one year.
  • Should you be moving before the end date, or sell your car, no refund (reimbursement) is availed.
  • Depending on the application date, the amount to be paid will be reduced per three months.
  • Well before the end date, you will receive a message in your email about extension of your permit/exemption. Do you change your email? Adjust it immediately. If you do not have email, then you will receive a letter regarding extension.
  • Forgot your password? It is possible to request new login details via the web shop.