Re-registering in the Netherlands

You re-register if you move to the Netherlands again, from abroad. Registry is done at the local authorities.


You used to live in the Netherlands before. Now you are moving back to the Netherlands from abroad. You register again in a municipality.

Did you move abroad before October 1994? Then you do not go for renewed registry. You perform an 'initial registry'.


The conditions for re-registering in the Netherlands, are:

  • You lived in the Netherlands before.
  • You moved abroad after October 1994.
  • Are you moving to the Netherlands with your entire family? Then also your partner and your children must re-register.

Re-registering is free of charge.


For registering, an appointment must be made. Send an email to in order to make an appointment.

Time span

You have 5 working days after arrival in the Netherlands to visit the local authorities. When registering after these 5 working days, the local authorities may impose a fine upon you.


This is how you re-register in the Netherlands:

  1. You visit the local authorities personally. Are your partner and/or children also registering again? Then they shall also visit in person.
  2. You bring: 
  • Your valid proof of identity, stating your nationality
  • Proof that you are permitted to reside in the Netherlands
  • For residents from Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba islands, Sint-Eustatius or Sint-Maarten: a change of address
  • Documents that prove that during your stay abroad, you for instance got married, divorced of got children (where applicable)
  • A certificate of deregistration from your previous home country, where necessary