Waste calendar

There are different collection days for various types of containers. The Inzamelkalender Meerlanden indicates on which day you should place which container at the collection point.

Recyclable waste and containers

Recyclable waste (or raw materials) can be offered separately. This contains, for instance, vegetable, fruit and garden waste (gft), used paper, glass and textiles. Waste that is separately collected, can be used to make new products.

You can ask for containers at home, free of charge. One for the collection plastic packaging, cans and drink cartons and one for the collection of used paper and cardboard.

On this waste page of the municipality of Diemen, you can read more about requesting a container. You can also make use of the underground containers.

If you lost your roller container, you do not need make a declaration of this.

You can report this at Meerlanden, where you can also request a new one.

Bulky waste

Bulky waste is waste that is too large and too heavy for the general waste container. You can take your bulky waste to the Recycle centre, free of charge. The opening hours are shown below, under the header 'Opening hours Recycle centre'.

You can also make an appointment to have the bulky waste collected from your home, free of charge.

Never put your waste on the street without an appointment! You will risk a fine.

Do not put the bulky waste on the plates of the underground containers. That will make it impossible to empty the containers.

Branch collection and garden waste

On Mondays, branches (bundled) and garden waste (in paper bags) are collected by appointment. Branches and garden waste are a nice, pure raw material for, for instance, compost. You can also take your garden waste to the Recycle centre yourself or register it for the branch collection, on the website of Meerlanden.

Residual waste and containers

Residual waste is the waste that remains after you have separately offered all the recyclable waste. Examples of general waste : crisps bags, dirty paper, dirty textiles, cat box granules without an environmental label, chewing gum, full vacuum cleaner bags.

You can get rid of the general waste in a container or in an underground container with or without a card. This differs per neighbourhood.

You can apply for a free card once. You do this at the Client Contact Centre via telephone number (020) 31 44 888.

If you lost your card for the second time, you will need to pay € 15 for a new card. You pay the amount into account number NL09INGB 0667045384 in the name of Meerlanden. In the description field you mention your postal code, house number and underground card. As soon as the payment has been received, we will send the card to you.

Opening hours Recycle centre

Monday up to and including Friday from 8.00 am until 4.00 pm.

 Saturdays from 10.00 am until 3.00 pm.

Address: Landlust 2, 1111 HP Diemen

Making an appointment

You can make an appointment for collection of bulky waste, branches or garden waste. You can do this by registering this online or by telephone via (020) 31 44 888.

Recycle shop and Repair Café

Perhaps your old items will be useful to someone else. Then you can take this to, or have it collected by, the recycle shop Rataplan.

 If your appliance is broken and you cannot repair it yourself, the Repair Café offers assistance. Make use of the services of the Repair Café.

Changes in waste collection

The town council has determined the Waste Plan 2020. The plan contains actions to reduce the number of collected containers with general waste. We will ensure that you can easily keep raw materials like vegetables, fruit and garden waste (gft), plastic and paper separate, so that we will have less general waste.

Commercial waste

Information about the collection of commercial waste can be found on this page about commercial waste (only in Dutch).