Are you relocating? Please communicate this to the town hall of the area where you will be residing. This can be done four weeks in advance until five days after moving house.



You can make a declaration digitally or you make an appointment and visit the town hall in person.

You must always communicate a relocation to the town hall in the municipality where you are going to live. Even if you remain in the same municipality. The town hall will subsequently adjust the personal records database (BRP). Communicating relocation is free of charge.


The declaration of a relocation can be done by:

  • You, if you are above the age of 16 years old
  • By a parent, guardian or carer for minor children
  • Cohabiting spouses / registered partners for each other
  • Cohabiting parents and lodging adult children for each other
  • The curator for a person placed under curatorship
  • An adult who has been authorised in writing

Communicating a relocation is free of charge.


You can communicate the new address four weeks prior to your relocation, but five days after relocating at the latest. Communicating this at a later moment may cause the local authorities to impose a fine upon you.


What is to be submitted in case of a:

Owner-occupied property:

  • A copy of your purchase contract, only the pages on which name, address and signatures are mentioned

Rental property:

  • A copy of the complete lease

Room rental:

  • A copy of the complete lease


  • A statement by the principal occupant, showing that there is no objection against registry, and a copy of the proof of identity of the principal occupant