Entrepreneurship Diemen

Do you want to start a business in Diemen? Then also read the information about zoning plans in Diemen. You can find this below.


Dear (new) entrepreneur,
According to information we received from the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), you have registered as an entrepreneur in Diemen in the past quarter.
I warmly welcome you to our municipality. We believe it's important to maintain close ties with you as an entrepreneur. Additionally, we encourage business networking and interaction among companies and entrepreneurs. We do this, for example, by organizing annual events such as inspections, business panels, gatherings, and various networking sessions.
Through this flyer, we would like to inform you about topics that may be important to you as an entrepreneur and the regulations that apply to doing business in Diemen.
Do you have any questions?
Please contact one of our policy advisors at Economic Affairs. You can be connected to policy advisors, Milan Plug and Angelique Bansie, via email at ez@diemen.nl or by calling (020) 31 44 888.

Best regards,
Councillor, Jeroen Klaasse


The most important rules and regulations

When starting or establishing a business, there are many factors to consider. When establishing a business, several rules apply. The most important ones are:

Environmental Portal

Information about the environmental plan, environmental permits, environmental requirements, and the Activities Decree can be found at omgevingswet.overheid.nl 

Environmental Plan

When establishing your business or making changes to your business operations or premises, you must comply with the environmental plan. An environmental plan (formerly zoning plan) describes, among other things, which types of businesses are permitted or not permitted in a particular area.

Environmental Permit

Are you planning to build or demolish something, or do something that could cause nuisance to people or the environment? In many cases, you will need an environmental permit for construction, fire safety, or environmental purposes.

(Environmental) Activities Notification

Are you starting a new business or planning renovations? Or are there changes to the activities within your business? This could have an impact on the environment. For some harmful activities of your business, you do not need to apply for an environmental permit; a notification is sufficient. You can do this through the Environmental Portal.

Other Permits

For starting, for example, a catering business, setting up a terrace, installing facade advertising, or installing gaming machines, you will need a permit. But also, for example, if you want to distribute flyers to promote your business. You can find more information here (in Dutch).
If you are unsure whether you need a permit for something you want to do, please contact the municipality first.

Entrepreneurs association

As an entrepreneur in Diemen, you can become a member of the business association Ondernemend Diemen. This is an active business association that brings entrepreneurs together, strengthens cooperation, and represents collective interests. The OD is for all entrepreneurs in Diemen, from freelancers to multinationals. Ondernemend Diemen organizes various networking events and other activities. Check out their website here: ondernemenddiemen.nl


Home-based business

It is usually permitted to have a home-based business in your residence. The main rules are as follows:

  1. You must reside in the dwelling yourself.
  2. You may use up to 30% of the floor area of your home, up to a maximum of 50 m² for this purpose.
  3. The activities must not detract from the character of the dwelling and the residential environment.
  4. Retail and catering are not permitted.
  5. If you rent a house, the landlord must give permission. The complete list of rules can be found in the zoning plan. 

This zoning plan can be found here: ruimtelijkeplannen.nl 
Renting out the entire house for vacation rental is not allowed in Diemen. Bed & Breakfast rental is allowed under certain conditions in Diemen. The rules can be found here


For entrepreneurs, there are various options for placing advertisements in public spaces and on your facade.

A0 displays (sandwich boards on lampposts). Diemen entrepreneurs can advertise on these boards a maximum of 2 times per year at a reduced rate. You can find more information here.

Light mast advertisements (light boxes on lampposts). You can find more information here.

Would you like to place advertising on your building? Then apply for an environmental permit via the environmental portal.

Environmental zone and parking

If you drive a delivery or freight vehicle within the Amsterdam ring road, you will encounter the emission-free zone. You can check until when you are allowed to drive your vehicle in the emission-free zone: amsterdam.nl/uitstootvrijvervoer 

On industrial estates: parking is done as much as possible on private property. This means that business and staff vehicles must be parked on private property. The public parking spaces on the industrial estates are intended for (business) visitors to the companies. Paid parking applies to Bergwijkpark office park. You can find more information here (Dutch only)

Energy conservation and sustainable energy generation

Depending on your energy consumption and activities, there may be energy conservation requirements for your business under building and environmental regulations. For questions about energy, businesses in Diemen can contact the Regional Energy Desk for businesses. Here you will find industry-specific information about possible energy conservation obligations, energy measures, subsidies, and financing options. You will also find information about the "Solar on Large Roofs" initiative by the municipality of Diemen.

Business waste

In most cases, businesses are required to have a waste contract. It is not allowed for businesses to use the underground containers in residential areas for business waste.
Additionally, it is not permitted to place containers (or other objects) in public spaces. This should be done on private property. You can find more information here (Dutch only).

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The municipality of Diemen considers sustainability and corporate social responsibility important. Sustainability requirements are included in building and environmental regulations. Depending on your activities, you must comply with these requirements. More and more companies are focusing on making their business operations, services, and products more sustainable. More information and assistance on sustainable entrepreneurship can be found at: 

Sustainability in Diemen

The 'Daarom Duurzaam Diemen' foundation connects businesses, community organizations, and residents who are actively working towards a more sustainable Diemen. Interested in all the initiatives and events being organized? You can find more information here

Additionally, the municipality of Diemen is building a sustainable society and a healthy living environment through the Sustainability Agenda 2020-2025. Information about municipal sustainability policies can be found here (Dutch only)

Easy Reporting

If you want to report an issue such as a loose pavement tile, overhanging greenery, litter, or a crooked lamppost, you can use the 'Easy Reporting' app or the web form on the municipality of Diemen's website. Entrepreneurs can also use the Easy Reporting app or web form. You can download the Easy Reporting app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. The web form for public space notifications can be found on www.diemen.nl .

Stay Informed

Approximately ten times per year, the Diemen Economic Affairs Newsletter is published. This is the best way to stay informed about matters that are important to you as an entrepreneur. Sign up now for the Economic Affairs Newsletter here


You can address all your entrepreneur-related questions to the Economic Affairs Cluster in Diemen. You can be connected with the policy advisors by emailing ez@diemen.nl or by calling (020) 31 44 888